What is airbrushing?

It’s a different kind of foundation delivery, instead of using brushes it blows the makeup seamlessly onto the skin and we can control the level of coverage to the clients desires. It lasts 12-15 hours, photographs beautifully, and it great for sensitive, or mature skin.

Do you travel?

We can travel to location, there will be a fee that varies depending on location. The travel fee covers gas, wear and tear, time away from studio, and the packing, unpacking, and repacking of our big kits. We also have a studio located in San Luis Obispo, CA that we do not charge a fee to get ready in.

Do you require a trial?

We don’t require them, but highly recommend. That way you can see how you will look on your wedding day and meet your artist. It also lets your artist get to know your hair and skin and if there are any professional suggestions that they have that can help amplify the desired look.

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